Aparajita Apra: With a thousand mile speed an hour the pace of our life. Its natural to encounter some unpleasant things . Some people shrug it off, some dwell on it. We all respond to it differently .
     Our mind is a powerful tool . It is sharp and smart. However we are use to overloading our mind with clutter,chaos and nuisances. Then we complain its impossible. I am having road block. My mind isn’t working.
Not because we want to make something meaningful out of it but because our mind has to  dealt with further more garbage that we intend to put inside it.
Now for a second let us give our mind a little rest .Leave it free,liberate it . Trust me it will be an unforgettable experience, a moment of nirvana.
Our mind sees and senses things we cannot.
It is therefore quite a stated fact that “You are what you think “. We are so busy in divulging into the physical self by going on cleanse diet and attending  workout sessions. Somewhere we have forgotten to cleanse our mind on which our entire being depends upon.
When mind gets cleared ,our energy and aura would revamp into something which wont be short of a  miracle. It will transcend into blissful state where all we would experience is a piece of heaven .
It will powerfully attract what we desire by filling itself with optimism and delight  . This is when the tables will turn and we will grow into a complete individual with highest potentials ,capabilities and accomplishment.
Lets feed our minds in a way that feeds our souls.