Aparajita Apra: The best education is travelling. As human we crave and seek things that brings us joy. However one of the most rejuvenating thing on the planet is travelling. When we travel we discover new things,we are cut off from the usual surroundings. It challenges our ability to adapt to our new environment. The air, the breeze even the culture is vastly different from what we are use to. We are out of our comfort zones .

It is somewhat very energizing and relaxing at the same time. As human beings and being a millennial we are so open with  experimenting that nothing throws us off the track.
It won’t be  wrong to say that “If you  really want to know a person inside out , go on a vacation with them”. This  holds a certain value, since we are most likely to get our authentic self when we are brought into an unfamiliar situation. One of the best part about this generation is that we are investing in travelling like never before. Instead of filing our pockets we are filling our life with experiences and memories.
It is also a scientific fact that travelling helps us generate more creative ideas and out of the box thinking.
So next time whenever you ever feel stuck with your job or feel drained with the stagnation in your daily life. Pick up your back pack and go for a road trip .
Welcome your new ,revived and zealous self .
Get out of the box you have been raised in to see how bigger the place this world is .