Aparajita Apra: Our body and mind are very receptive. We become who we stay with. Its important to choose the right company.
One negative person can get all your optimism right off the window. When we stay in the presence of people who have nothing  better to do than crib about what they are doing ,you become the dump yard they try to empty their trash on. Some of us may try to become a punching bag for a while in order to sympathize and be supportive. But the negativity spreads faster than fire. We become so involved in the problems of others that we end up loosing ourselves.
Draining ourselves to a point of complete exhaustion.
Everyone has a different priority in life.They have a different goal set for themselves. This is why it is very important to remember about our goals and focus wholeheartedly in building ourselves up.
We are the only person who will be with us all our lives . We need to care, nurture and  grow ourselves. We need to become the best version of ourselves. Not because we have something to prove to others but its the least we can do for ourselves.
We have to give ourselves opportunity to grow mentally ,psychologically,spiritually.
Its often stated -”The best investment you can make is ,investing in yourself”.
If you have a hobby , find time for it. If you are a travel junkie go for it.If you are a gym buff workout till you break a sweat. If reading is your safe abode ,do it.
Do not hold yourself back because of   the opinion of others. You were born alone and you would die alone.
Wont it be great if you treat yourself as the best asset you have and cherish yourself everyday for what you have.
Its not bad to dream big but its bad to let others decide your dream . Nobody hits the jackpot wishing and waiting.
If you want something ,you have to chase it.
If you have a fear you got to face it.
If you got to say something you got to say it.
If you want to win a game you got to play it.
Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Success doesn’t happen that way .
Let your haters criticize .
While you get the prize.