Aparajita Apra: Have you ever paid a close attention to one thing which is common among most of the successful entrepreneurs and creative people? Their mind ? Their imagination? Well maybe all of this but a cup of black coffee seems a staple in many instances.

Kick starting your morning with a dash of caffeine can serve you good .
Let us know some of the wonders of this miracle beverage .
If you want to be the best  you got to take stress  has  become the new mantra today.
Every second person is dealing with some sort of stress every day. It can lead to depression, if not treated, which can cause second type diabetes. Drinking black coffee is a great way to give yourself a boost ,sip in some black coffee and  watch your nervous system  produce the happy hormones in the body  . Feel the adrenaline rush and  let the energy flow through.
As you age, your memory power and cognitive skills decline, increasing the risk of dementia and Parkinson’s. A cup of black coffee in the morning boosts your memory power and enhances brain function. It helps your brain and nerves stay active during the day, reducing dementia . Regular intake of black coffee reduces Parkinson’s risk by 60%.
Finding it hard to break a sweat? Unable to work through your grueling workout regimen? Grab a cup of black coffee and see the magic.
Coffee is known to improve your performance during workouts. It helps you give your 100% during workouts. It  prepares your body for physical exertion. It breaks down body fat and releases it in the blood stream as fatty acids which can be used up as a fuel for your physical activities.
So say goodbye to workout blues.
Black coffee is often said to be one of the most powerful beverage for detoxification of the body. It cleanses the stomach from unhealthy foods   by increasing the number of times you urinate. All the toxins and unwanted substances are eliminated from the body through urine.
 Now you know where to switch to when you have cleansing diet in mind.
Looking forward to get rid of those extra pounds? Well black coffee can be answers to your weight woes.
Having black coffee increases your metabolism level which helps increase your fat burning capacity. It also works on your liver helping to reduce the belly fat by 50%.
A cup of black coffee is said to be one of the easiest way to enhance your creativity. Acting as a stimulant for the brain. It helps you improve the divergent thinking of the brain.
Next time you encounter a creative road block get your mojo back with a hot cup of coffee .
Perhaps we too should start our morning glory with a hot cup of this morning wonder delight to make the most of our day.