Aparajita Apra: We live in a generation where we find it easier to be able to talk our heart out with people who stay faraway  from us. Someone whom we will never meet.

In short we are lonely ,not loner. We detest our own company and seek out outside world to get rid of our own loneliness.  Somewhere we have cooped ourselves  up into a defense mechanism where we resist the risk  of getting  judged by expressing ourselves to people who have no preconceived notion about us. It is easier to seek consultation and advice from our online buddies in chatroom as compared to our close acquaintances and family who have seen us right from our childhood.
            This is why our generation is called ” Virtual World generation”. We are so glued with our laptop and smartphones that a real conversation has become a yester year thing . We are so into our heads that we are seldom from our hearts. That is why we should become loner not lonely ,we should not forget the power of real conversation and not hide behind the screens of our monitors.
We should say what we mean and mean what we say . We should have real friends and well wishers not just 2000 friends on our profile display.
Their lullaby starts with the  ticking of  smartphones
As they venture into the world of the unknowns
The sparkling MAC laptop graces their study table
No more of the grandma tales or moral fable
As the lost ethics is all that we have
Gone are the culture and values off the track
We are lonely and not loner
We seek for company
We need validation
Because we are a generation
That feeds on news fed
With everything stuck in our head
Swiping the filters at Instagram
We are loosing the yester year’s charm
We sleep less and dream lesser
 We seek stimulants for  momentarily pleasure
Lets enjoy our own solitude
As a self exploratory but not a  recluse.