Aparajita Apra: The best way to receive a compliment is to give one. Its human nature to feel receptive and  motivated upon being appreciated.

Since time immemorial humans have been blessed with the ability to communicate with each other. To express themselves in the way they want to. Communication is a powerful tool in establishing our relationships with others.
People who are good listeners often turn out to be one who are good conversationalists.  We often underestimate the power of a genuine compliment.
It has its own benefits and  advantages , apart from
spreading joy in people’s life.
When we complement others we create a positive vibe and ease in a person’s mind. This eradicates any apprehension a person carries within themselves. It can also act as an ice breaker in many occasions.  It is  a motivator  for self  improvement. ”A single compliment out beats a thousand criticism” .
For a person who is in tuned with the energies of its surroundings feels overly impacted . They deeply care about what others think of them and the way they come across to others. Complimenting such a person can be a bliss in disguise.
Pertaining to this it won’t be an exaggeration to say that ” People who know the art of complimenting also master in the art of persuasion”. They have something truly intangible and contagious which draws people to them effortlessly.  Many leaders are observed with this quality.
End of the day its a human tendency to treat others the way they treat us. Becoming habituated with giving compliments also increases our optimism and enhances  creativity.
Such people become a true  connoisseur of life.
See  beyond skin deep
Make promises you can keep
Brighten someone’s life by lending them a smile
Its easy to frown upon petty  things and pile
 Don’t let a second spoil an hour
Pay a compliment today and realize its power
You will never be sad , you will never be morose
Take a minute to appreciate and smell the rose.