Aparajita Apra: 

The plethora of culture that graces our artistic and aesthetic glory is unparalleled.
 On the onset of durga puja almost entire city is lost in the euphoria of maa durga arrival. The  crowded streets to the colorful decorations everything screams of the richness of our heritage and its beauty. The epic journey of 9 days of the goddess makes us overflow with joy and festivity. There is a certain magical aspect that’s blended in a spiritual connection. From perfectly clad lal par saris to the wonderful music echoing on roads,  its a complete feast to the eyes .
The onset of dusshera also conveys a very powerful message that good will always win over evil no matter what and we all have the ability to fight our own battles whatsoever be the situation.
It is  also a gentle reminder to us that every single person should embrace the power within itself. That we all are capable and if we know that the path we are walking is right , we should keep walking irrespective of whether we are walking with someone or walking alone.
This dusshera we should all take a pledge to get rid of the evil inside our minds and banish our inner  demon. So that we can also be free and happy individuals who are living a fulfilled life.