Aparajita Apra: Defying the rules , opposing the authority figures and breaking the norms that’s the life of a rebel.Actually its hard to respond to these misfits .At times we feel like thanking them .For being able to take a new path,not opting the beaten path. At times we want to slit their wrists , to do all that we long to but cant.

  For the rebels come with a different mind frame. They neither fear about the society nor have inhibitions to play their real self.
  They are the most liberated being on earth.
    Most of us have these glass ceilings which closes our possibilities. We feel we are limited.
These rebels are born with a  freedom lover’s spirit.
 Somewhat having a world of their own .
We can identify them from a distance.
For instance
In a room full of tuxedos and ties . A rebel will be spotted in a ripped jeans and leather jacket irrespective of what people say about them .
  However society becomes a little to biased and unacceptable of a female rebel . Because woman are often pressurized to meet a certain standards in a society.
They have been taught to eat, sleep , talk , dress and express in a certain manner.
The minute a girl decides to go against the grain  she is labelled as a bad girl. But she needs validation from none.
And as the saying goes – “The most dangerous creature on earth is the one that seeks validation from none”.
It holds true in this case.
Not an epitome of chivalry
Not a trademark of a fairy
Not confirming the rules
Not waiting for fools
They break rules  as they go
They have a bad side to show
They are the rebels you wish to be
They are the breakthroughs in history
They are the rebels
Not scared of labels
That’s the life of a rebel
They can  fight the battle