Aparajita Apra: 

Its always seen as an advantage which is complemented in both ways.  When a boss makes sexual advances in return for the extra incentives the employee readily agrees.
  It is a win win situation for both. She never speaks and he never stops.
However the times are changing the unacceptable is no longer acceptable . Bringing many such incident in limelight . The woman are taking matter in their reign .
Any misconduct , sexual assault, molestation or even harassment will be met with strong opposition. The feminists have taken control now.
 The casting couch rituals and compromises wont be brushed aside.
  It doesn’t matter if its a photographer , a director, politician or even a CEO .
There is no justification for such obscene act. Women are taking stand with  unafraid and on your face confessions.  Its a campaign which has turned as an eye opener for the woman who suffered in silence for so long. Whose modesty was robbed.  Its time we all ring an alarm and wake people to get a reality check. To know where we are  and how far can we go .
Gone are times when patriarchy ruled and men were the supreme decision makers. This is an era where woman have voices ,choices and options .Not a commodity but having their own identity.
There were times when exploitation was the road for progression but with the rise of me too campaign  getting away is next to impossible. No matter how bigger or smaller the misconduct is.
 I will give you private tuition
Take care of me and I will give you promotion
Why don’t you join me after dinner said director
Can I get some bold close up shots? asked coordinator
Can you expose
A bit more ? said photographer
Can you twerk a little harder? said the choreographer
Would you like a personal instructor said the gym coach
Shall we go for a coffee? asked the guy on the go
Why do these offer keeps rolling ?
How come they are so ignorant on knowing ?
Its no big deal
Its a question of free meal
You loose some and you gain a lot
Who came up with this thought
No offense will be put under the rug
Whether its a pervert act or indecent hug.