Aparajita Apra: 

Education is not just about  books and  examinations,  its about having the  intellect.
Its about  being street smart  and using common sense.
People are so engrossed     with their theoretical  thesis that they forget the basic idea of survival.
They are far more dependent on the written conceptualization, they escape the basis of foundation.
There is a reason why over qualified people are slogging for pay cheque , and drop outs are becoming CEO’s .
  Not that they know more or have more , but they apply their minds more.
Its not uncommon to hear that a combination of beauty with brain conquers all.  It isn’t a need that stems from vanity but its some what a necessity. People find themselves drawn to person who can hold a good conversation.
This doesn’t mean that you have to be a math genius or scholar but be a little aware and updated with world. An educated person may not be street smart , an illiterate person doesn’t always have to be dumb.
With the talent spreading at every corner
 Why intellect shouldn’t grow stronger
But being street smart is the talent to harness
If you want to experience life at its best.