Aparajita Apra: 

When  you  strongly believe in something  no matter how big or small, It impacts people.
  You cannot expect somebody to believe you , if you yourself don’t.
 You can only lend happiness to people if you feel the happiness within.
A bottled up person , who is emotionally unavailable cannot connect to others . No matter how attentive of a listener he or she is.
     Others wont find him open and welcoming because they would give off an introvert ‘s vibe.
The desire to do something comes from the ability to believe in something.
    With holding your passion is only going to let that explode later on.
    This is why a person who is emotionally starved and attention deprived becomes attention seeker  and over clingy with time.
     We crave only those things which we haven’t got or which we didn’t get .
    The power of conviction is enough for anyone to take the first step.
It is this drive , this believe , this faith, this conviction that can move mountains.