Aparajita Apra: 

Women come in all shape and sizes. To know how to look your best its crucial to know what body type you have.
As the late fashionista  Coco Chanel once quoted -” Dress shabbily and they remember the clothes. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman”.
To lessen your dressing woes and up your style quotient lets have a look at various body types and make the most out of it.
For ladies blessed with this body type they have slender legs and slim hips.  They may carry an extra weight over their chest,tummy and waistline. Just like an Apple which looks heavier at the top and much narrower at the bottom.
Your Achilles heels: That sometimes paunch tummy and larger than life mid section.
Your perks : That envious legs and apple bottoms.
Your fashion Do’s and Dont’s
a) Avoid wearing a plunging neckline,go for something plain and light with minimal clutter on top .Feel free to experiment with any style for bottoms be it skirt,pant, dresses ,shorts.
b)Don’t wear a body fitted tops as it would highlight your already expansive top half.Go for embellishment at the bottom which is narrow to give more balance silhouette.
c) Go for flared dresses which is a little fitted over the busy region to give an illusion of  narrow waist.
d) Your legs are your best asset don’t be afraid to show them off.
Go wild with shorts,minis, dresses,pants, trousers etc.
 If you are short remember to add some dimension with a sexy pair of heels.
Since you already are too heavy avoid heavy bags or clutch which increases your girth. A better option would be opting for a sling bag or bags  with thin straps to draw attention towards your slender arms
Channel your inner bey once and be the proud owner of that bootylicious behind. If you are a pear shaped you are bigger on the bottom and relatively petite on the top half. You have a beautiful slim midriff,gorgeous feminine shoulder and neckline. The key to dressing this body type is layering the top half to even out the generous bottom half.
Your Achilles heels: A wide bottom and that cottage cheese legs
Your perks: That skinny midriff and washboard abs.  The beautiful neckline and delicate shoulders.
Your fashion Do’s and Dont’s
a) Later your top half and keep the minimal details at the bottom. You can go for exquisite details on the top to give an impression of broader chest area and shoulders.
b) Go for off shoulder tops and cowl necks to highlight that neckline and shoulders.
c) To conceal your wide bottom pack it with a bootleg pants or a flared pants.
Avoid skinny jeans and dark colored bottoms.
d) Don’t waste that waist show it off with a crop top and spaghetti strap style tops.
Bulk up your top half with shoulder pads, jacket and details on bust region.
e) Always go for a loose bottoms and a fitted top to give an illusion of an hourglass figure and look more proportionate.
Go for heavy bags and purses to enhance your top half.
Don a piece of statement jeweler to highlight your best assets. Wear a chunky ear ring or bracelet to focus attention upwards.
Wear heels to elongate and slim your legs.
DO you give an impression of a broad shoulder ,full hips and a tiny waist?Give yourself a pay on the back because you have the most sought after physique. It’s the most balanced of all. You have plenty of choices .
The key point of dressing an hourglass is to highlight that itsy bitsy waist and accentuate a la Marilyn Monroe goddess curves.
Your Achilles heels: Finding ways to fit in that curvy figure.
Your perks: Those goddess curves.
Fashion Do’s and Dont’s
a) The main focus of this body is to put that tiny waist into spotlight.
Having belt is a great choice.
b) Avoid deep plunging neckline and overly provocative cleavage baring tops and cuts.
c) Steer clear from shoulder pads which can put your balance silhouette out of proportion.
Do wear a body con dress. It was custom made for you.
Last but not the least don’t hide your curves. Show them off and feel lucky to have them.
Are your shoulders and hips of equal proportion ? Do you feel clothes literally hang from your shoulders ? Is your waistline undefined?
Don’t loose hope ladies because you are probably the most gifted one in the clothes department .
You can try on variety of styles and trends.
Here are certain tips and tricks to give a more womanly shape to your straight silhouette.
Fashion Do’s
a) Wear outfits that gives your frame a little structure. Anything that cinches the waist is a fantastic option.
b) Focus on your strengths which is undoubtedly your slender arms and legs .
Show off those little pins in short dresses ( skaters, fit and flare , baby doll ) the options are endless. You can even go for mini skirts because you have legs to pull them off.
c) Go for horizontal strips that broadens your shoulder line and go for color blocking to break the straight figure .
 Fashion dont’s
a) Steer clear from shapeless and baggy clothes that hides your figure .
b) Avoid male clothing which are extremely comfortable.
c) Don’t wear over sized clothes , make sure you wear the clothes  not the clothes wear you.
Take cues from these and hit the tinsel town looking your fabulous best .