Aparajita Apra: 

We are all driven by some or the other things in life.
        As we all know the devil was also once an angel . There is no denying the fact , we are good and bad in equal parts.
  When we are overpowered by the evil inside, we grow that fox. It can be of different kinds. The jealousy, greed, malice , being egocentric or simply a bully.
  It is therefore not a requirement but a mandate to kill this fox.
                       People who commit crime in the heat of passion or the people who become druggist weren’t always like this.
              They gave a free reign to the fox that was living inside them.
            Humans without a set of values and ethics can become the most dangerous and deadly animals.
         Before doing anything , we need to kill this fox that can kill us later.
     Much  like the Luciferian pride that left him in dooms.
             So its our chance to destroy that fox and  stop ourselves from becoming the Lucifer of our versions.
Remember , its easier to become good person but difficult to stay as good person .
Off to hell  thundered the god of angel
Haven  forgotten your roots and almost become stranger
You were my pride dear Lucifer
But you are angel no more but a conqueror
Your intentions are cruel
Your nature is dual
You have set your fox to action
Leaving behind compassion
I create human in equal good and bad part
Its a lesson to tame the fox and let wisdom impart.