Aparajita Apra:

A master of creativity , a walking magnificence. A gifted artist , a powerhouse of talent.
The greatest legend and artist of all times  “Michael Jackson” .
The man who only wanted to give love and spread joy through his art and performances. A perfectionist and a genius in his own right.
He was way ahead of his times , whether it was his music , his art or his video . Everything he did left his fans amazed.
     The world just couldn’t get enough of him. The first  black artist to feature on MTV .But there is something people don’t know about this outstanding personality. Mj had a very troublesome childhood. He yearned to play and laugh like other kids but his dad was an authoritarian that made him practice hard . While others played , he rehearsed. It made him miserable.
But he had no choice. His hard work payed off. He was this confident child who became the life and blood of the Mj 5  band.
          Suddenly his popularity grew, Michael Jackson became a phenomena , audiences screamed while he performed. His moonwalk took over the world.
However the popstar was soon paparazzi target. Media started distorting his images with news of having undergone skin lightening treatment to plastic surgery. From child molestation to endless financial debts.
      Michael was very fond of children. He believed one should stay as innocent , pure and as humble as a child.
Remaining child at heart keeps the malice away.
He believed his compositions flowed from his heart and dance for him was not some thought out movement , it was a feeling that flowed .
He felt most comfortable on stage .
The news which shocked the entire nation  the sudden death of the king of pop on 25th June , 2009.
One of the greatest music selling artist , a global icon for four decades . Holder of 36 Guinness world record , having 13 Grammy awards.
Achiever of 197 major  awards in 45 years of career , an inspiration , an innovator.
An artist of exceptional potential and astounding skills. Michael Jackson,  the man who is immortal and who taught the world dance will never be forgotten.
If angels can hear the plea
Let the genius be reborn from history
There can only be one king of pop
A man who rose to the very top
Sheer dedication and so much passion
The heart of gold with so much compassion
The media never stopped prying over his intention
While his vulnerability craved some affection
Child like soul and a giver of love
The messenger of angels from heaven above