Aparajita Apra:

Its a good news for Indians .
India is now YouTube’s second-largest market in views and first in users.
 T Series Pvt, one of India’s largest record labels, will become the most-subscribed channel on the world’s most popular video site in the next couple weeks. At the beginning of the year, the company had 30 million fans, fewer than half of the following for No. 1 PewDiePie, the Swedish video-game geek and jokester whose real name is Felix Kjellberg.
Its no surprise that its the end of PewDiePie 5 years reign coming to an end.
T series started uploading videos in 2011 first. Suddenly have surpassed 1 million subscriber at the end of 2012.
With the distinctive diversity and huge population of India. There spans around 300 channels in India with more than a million subscribers in each channel.
Its not just Indians who are watching the video there is 40 % viewership in India that’s outside the country.
In 2016 when reliance mobile network made a  launch of wireless network and crosscut  prices for internet access. In just a few years, Indian data use soared. Online video consumption exploded and nobody has benefited more than YouTube.
T-Series now posts all of its music on YouTube first, investing huge sums in videos that help promote its movies and spur song sales. YouTube now accounts for 20 per cent to 25 per cent of T-Series’ sales, which are nearing  a $100 million.
This digital era is fantastic,” Bhushan Kumar, T-Series’ chief executive officer, said in an interview. “It’s here to stay. It’s giving us popularity. It’s giving us recognition.”
T-Series was founded in 1984 by the CEO’s father, Gulshan Dua. The son of a Delhi juice vendor, Dua started making money by producing and selling cassettes. Though dogged by rumors he was pirating music, Dua, who later adopted the family name Kumar, turned a mom-and-pop shop into a conglomerate that sold CDs and home electronics.
The company achieved its breakout success with the soundtrack to “Aashiqui,’’ a Hindi musical romance that is still one of the best-selling records in the history of India. Bollywood soundtracks account for more than half of the Indian music market and still serve as the foundation of T-Series.
“T-Series used to cater to a much older generation, but it is making movie content and music videos to capture a younger generation,’’ said Allison Stern, chief marketing officer at Tubular Labs, a research firm that tracks online video. “It mirrors what a lot of media companies are doing in the U.S”.
All the back lashing and controversy between t series and PewDiePie has really helped gain the Indian company ( t series) gain lot of publicity and for business ” Any publicity is a good publicity”.
All those back lashing has helped make t series popular and it is serving the purpose no matter what.