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Aparajita Apra:

Ayurveda is a science which has impressed the world since ancient times . Ayurveda is defined as science of life , living or longevity.
With so much emphasis laid on holistic living and balanced life,  knowing ones characteristic tendencies can go a long way.
Let us explore our outer and inner characteristic personalities through Ayurveda .
Our body is made of 3 major element or the ‘tatva’ . The first one is ‘vayu tatva ‘ the air element referred to as Vata. The second element is  ‘agni tatva’ the fire element known as Pitta and the last element called ‘ prithvi tatva’ the earth element called Kapha.
In modern somatosensory these are called Ectomorph , Mesomorph and Endorphins.
Let us explore each tatva one by one
The vata is motion and movement.
Have you come across a person who is as restless and freewheeling as an air ,buzzing with thousands of ideas and finding it hard to focus single handedly on one thing?
That’s the vata for you. Vata is an air element . It is light , dry , cold and changeable.
Having a predominant vata  means you may be slighter in built and find it difficult to gain weight. Your structural features could somehow be frail or  irregular .  Somehow little ethereal and delicate looking. Very lean and long  in appearance.
Vata possess a very enthusiastic, creative and quick mind. They are the typical flash in the pan types. They like to be involved in several activities at one time.
  When vata is in balanced state they are bubbly, social , creative and expressive. On the flip side an unbalanced vata can suffer from irregularity , insomnia , unpredictability, hypersensitivity , fear, constipation, anxiety , worry and loss of appetite.
The first reaction for a vata to stress is fear.
They are often shy, introverted and imaginative people .
Having a vata predominant also means that person would crave warmth as they suffer from unusually cold feet and hands.
Since vata is an air element . It needs a lot of  grounding . In order to balance the vata one should have warm meals and fixed routine. Practicing meditation can also help calm the vatas.
Activities like walking , dancing , cycling , yoga serves as an  excellent physical activity.
Vatas are blessed with beautiful balance and flexibility. However they may be erratic , moody and indecisive when feeling out of balance.
They are often irregular with their meals and lifestyle. Big spenders and  great lover of arts and culture.
An ideal date for a vata could be a nice dinner with a warm cozy place watching a movie where they feel comfortable.
Have you come across a person who look like they can start a fight any moment ? There is just something very fierce and fiery about them. An innate aggression and warrior like persona is what defines a pitta. Pitta is medium in height and weight. They look like a strong person in their built and personality. Always up for a challenge. The pitta is a fire element . These people are extremely  passionate , competitive and driven. They are highly organized and may throw temper tantrums when missing a meal. They are usually hot so they need things which can mellow them down. Having some fruit juices and cold stuffs can really balance pitta. They are big eaters and great planners. They excel in management and are often very sharp in intellect.  A love for physical activity and wining a challenge is what keeps a pitta going. When thrown out of balance a pitta may suffer from skin rashes , over ambition , jealousy , extreme egoistical behavior , dictatorship . A pitta can be calmed  down by using all that pent up energy in engaging themselves in sports , gym and other adventurous outlets . Blessed with amazing intellect and speaking ability as well as stamina. A pitta is a true workaholic.
  An ideal date for pitta would include a beautiful sightseeing and engaging in some adventurous sports or ride. They have a take the lead kind of mentality and are often initiators in many aspects of life.
Any kind of unplanned activity or chaotic environment sends a pitta running in opposite direction .
Have you seen a person who refuses to loose its cool even if the house is on fire? Well that’s the kapha for you. Large boned and often overweight. Heavier in appearance and stature.
These people are extremely nurturing , caring , loving and genuine homebodies. They love being surrounded with people . A kapha predominant are very stable , grounded and predictable. They are slower in mind and body however they have amazing endurance . They are very loyal and prefer to have a predictable life. These is an air of easy going nature to them . Hardly loosing cool they are the best people to have at times of crisis.  Kaphas also have a very strong long term memory. Out of balance a kapha may become possessive , greedy , clingy and lethargic. Its important for a kapha to engage in physical exercise as they put on weight easily.
The biggest challenge for them is to get motivation  . However once they are motivated nothing   can stop them.
A warm cuddle in a sofa watching Netflix is perhaps an ideal date for kapha. They are also big foodies so make sure you have some yummy takeaway with you when inviting a kapha.
For a body to function well all these three elements needs to be balanced.
Here are a brief diet for all the three types
Vata personalities should prioritize nourishing foods (rice, quinoa, fatty acids, oils, pork) cooked in small quantities, and soups and hot drinks before and after meals to help a lack of digestive fire. With regard to fruit, opt for sweet fruits such as bananas, persimmons and mangoes. Infusions of ginger, cinnamon, cumin and cardamom are recommended to aid digestion.
Pittas have excellent digestion and can eat everything. But they should take care to limit their intake of stimulating spices like pepper, ginger and chili, and avoid alcohol, especially at lunchtime.
 Two meals a day are sufficient; kaphas can even skip breakfast if they like. To compensate for their slow metabolism, they should choose bitter, astringent and spicy favors, opt for lean meats and steer clear of pork and beef. As a rule, they should avoid foods containing refined sugar and opt for soups, bell peppers, pepper and ginger.
Knowing our ayurvedic predominant can help us live a more balanced , happy and satisfactory lives .
We should cherish what we have and not crib for things we don’t have. Imagine how underground the world would be without the solid foundation of kaphas , how unmotivated  we could get without a competitive pitta and how dull life would be without the creative , unconventional vatas.
Its the mix of all personalities that makes world a better place and people a blend of diversities.