Aparajita Apra:

As human beings we are definitely rising as the techsavys . Somehow we are yet to bring one thing in practice which many successful people swear by. Its one of the easiest and effective activity one should think about putting in our daily curriculum.
Its called journaling.
Let us explore the  importance of journalism today.
When you have a habit of writing down everyday. You will feel this immense urge to find exact word which can express your feeling and emotions. This way we get to sharpen our vocabulary skills . When we have more words to write , we also have greater ability to speak.
On the whole which results in having a better eloquence .
When we have less thoughts in our mind , we have better chances of concentrating on the task   hand. When we write down important things we need to attend to or address, we can think more and worry less about forgetting them.
Which will help us concentrate better.
When we jot down our feelings we feel less burdened with emotions. In other words we don’t carry excess baggage with us. We are able to let go any feelings attached to the incident which happened in past. This helps in breaking free from harmful feelings dwelling inside.
This helps us to address things in much more logical way and to function in much reasonable manner due to higher emotional intelligence.
The term emotional intelligence refers to seeing and dealing with  a problem or a situation in a logical manner as opposed to overly emotional way.
When you hold a pen and a paper it gives you freedom.
It lets your mind wander to places where it can disappear for sometime. It captures your fantasies and also your desires , this often  helps us attain the fluidity in our creative spirit.
The worst thing which we can do to our mental self is to suppress feelings.
When a strong emotion or feeling remains unresolved it worsens with time.
Somehow it stays inside our head like a gigantic mammoth growing inside .
Slowing eating us away. Suppressing feelings can also result in depression .
Journal about such feelings helps us get off those heavy emotion out of us  and heals us internally as well as externally.
So stop wasting time. Go and grab a pen and paper. Start journaling and trust me you will be thanking me later.