Aparajita Apra:

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder”. Really? Or is it just a myth ?
One of the most ongoing  trend of today’s world is “Long distance relationships” popularly known as LDR .
Sure you can chat all you wish over the Skype and video call . Is it enough to keep the attraction flowing?
 While long distance relationship surely helps in adding value to our relationship it sometimes does the opposite as well.
 Very often you hear people telling things like -” Honey if you both  can survive this , trust me  you can survive anything”. Just to sound convincing and reassuring ourselves.
 Lets start with the rosy part first.
There are certain advantages of being in long distance relationship too
Since you both get to see less of each other and more of your computer or phone screens. The little time you spend with each other suddenly becomes extra special,cherished and valued . Now who doesn’t want to feel the rush of blood in their veins ? The sizzling chemistry is a bonus too .
What could be better than being in a relationship and yet having your own space as well as a room to breathe ? Its certainly is the best of both worlds. Being stuck in  clinginess and overwhelming suffocation is something that can kill attraction in any relationship.
Lucky long distance couple having a different parallel life running together  provides much space even after  in relation. You are not breathing down each other’s neck . You can actually have life away from each other being independent in your choices and pursuits to follow your passions which equates more me time , boys night out and girls day out.
Could it get any better?
 A lot of time and effort goes into maintaining a relationship. Sometimes we forget ourselves in this ongoing pattern . Reluctant to do things solo or feeling guilty in indulging ourselves with a little time away from our significant other.
Long distance relationship gives couple a chance to explore their individuality and grow as a person . The bonus?
Your boyfriend  girlfriend will find you much more fascinating and interesting person to be around. Seeing you become the best version of yourself.
When you are in long distance relationship its not possible to be intimate anytime you want. You cannot meet each other on your whim.
Therefore you realize what unites you as a couple without being physical or satisfying your lust. It takes your relationship beyond physical aspect and focuses on emotional bonding .
The best part of being in long distance relationship is the surprise visits and gifts that comes pouring over occasions like birthdays ,anniversaries etc. Every occasion becomes extra special and memorable because of this distance which still somehow binds you together. The little things which we often overlook in a regular relationships suddenly becomes so important and  significant in long distance relationship.
So next time when you send your long distance girlfriend a Bonneville instead of Ferraro Rocher , you know she isn’t going to get mad at your choice. She is happy enough to acknowledge that you remembered the special day.
Now with rose also comes the thorns . Everything is not all that cozy and rosy in a Long distance relationship. There are several roadblocks which follows it as well.
When your boyfriend or girlfriend stays miles apart its easy to get distracted. Especially when we all have the mentality of -“Out of sight, out of mind”.
You cant help but start ogling at the cute co worker at your office or the cute neighbor hitting the gym looking like hunk. With the wavering interest you may find your attraction starting to wane .
A great demerit of being in long distance relationship.
Its easy to trust your partner when they are near your sight. You know what they are up to , who they are with. Where they have been?
But once you switch cities or places ,trusting each other  seems off the radar.
Your mind starts imagining things it shouldn’t the moment you receive a call waiting or the receiver busy .
Is she or is he cheating on me ? Is the first sentence that pops in your head.
You may feel like having a lovey dovey chat with your bae. You finished the office early and cant wait to talk to them.
Holy cow , she has got exams coming week. Sorry dude bad luck. Better luck next time .
With such fluctuations in schedule having consistent communication becomes challenging as if the distance isn’t challenging enough.
You are out with your friends and there is this hot chick asking for your number ? You give her your number and start  hanging out . Whats the harm , I’m not cheating. We are just talking.
You have had  a rough day with the he said , she said drama and bam
You call your friend to catch a drink , it happened all in a moment.
Its Ok she wont know. And the next thing you find it becoming a habit.
You have moved on .
No man . Not going there anymore.
Off late you both have been busy unable to devote time to each other.
The conversations turn into fight. You stop calling each other to steer clear of melodrama and the frequency decreases till it becomes non existent.
You  both find better things to do and the relationship ends in dooms.
We cannot decide the outcome of any relationship. It is not a business deal that can be predicted.
The choice is entirely ours. However there is no denying the fact , if you want to make it happen , you make it happen . No matter what .