Aparajita Apra: 

Its winter season  and  we all are feeling lazy. Finding it easier to get  comfort inside our cozy blankets.
Its because winter does that to you. The sun rises late and the little Mondays we so badly hate.
However we can still win our battle against winter. Its easy said than done but these are real things that actually works.
You know the morning has kicked in . But you just see no signs yet. What are you going to do ? Coop inside your bed or just give yourself a jolt and begin the day an hour earlier?
Waking up one hour before usual time is first step to get that mojo. When we wake up an hour earlier our mind gets a chance to contemplate.
 To think about the day ahead . To plan and jot down our checklist. Which is itself very relaxing as it  declutter ourselves.
Sometimes we get so focused upon getting to the destiny , we dont value the journey anymore.
In order to get those creative juices flowing its important to find activities which is not related to usual . The greatest inspiration is derived from the unknown.  Its important to shake the status quo and break the rut. Creativity is like a river it flows . Its unpredictable and fluid. Therefore it cannot be forced. So gear up with your Beatles while you take a little walk in the park . The next thing you have is your mojo back. Its that easy.
Its important to set some time aside and free your mind. To just let the thoughts slide . You can practice meditation in an open place or indoors (with some warm attire on ).  The way we cleanse our bodies , its important to cleanse our mind and meditation is the best way to do it.
You will find yourself more productive and may become a generator of ideas in no time.
Sometimes the chill in the weather and blockage in creativity could go hand and hand.
Engaging in a warm oil massage can balance the stress and relax your muscles. It can also help you feel more in line with yourself hence helping you to get your mojo back.
Here are some ways to get your mojo back even in winters.
Lastly its all about the mindset , a determined person will not see the weather , it will focus on goals. Those who are looking for excuses will always come up with one.
Happy winter and stay motivated, stay ahead.