Aparajita Apra: 

“Its the clothes that makes a man” is a saying  we all have come across quite often . A well dressed person always manages to turn heads either at work or play. The power of dressing works on the subconscious level.
   However dressing well   doesn’t mean being  under dressed or over dressed.
It actually signifies dressing to the occasion
 In other words don’t show up in shiny leather boots or suit and tie for a casual picnic , nor dress in sports tracks for attending a conference.
 Lets get to the benefits of being well dressed.
When you look good , you feel good.  When you know you look good  ,you feel even better .
 The plus point?
Your confidence level increases a tenfold making you far  better in people dealing .
There is something that screams persuasiveness when you are dressed to impress. Even before uttering a single word from your mouth , you are successful in  creating an impression . Usually on the positive note.
When you have equally powerful speech and communication skills to match . That’s when the deadly combination strikes.
When you are meticulous with your attire and groom yourself well , people are going to take you seriously. They are going to listen to you and pay heed to what you are saying . A well groomed person is far more appealing to people than a shabby hot mess. The result ?
Well you have a sincere listener whether its dealing with masses or having one to one conversation.
When you are confident , approachable and sharp dresser. You automatically become more attractive in the eyes of people. This helps you to create a subtle magnetic appeal which draws people in effortlessly .
There are certain norms to which the society confirms. If you fit in that mould people welcome you with open arms. Dressing to the role is one such norms.
The bonus?
Well , it may save you the awkward of looking like the odd one out.
Perhaps now you know why we are so fixated with Christian Grey’s terrific sense of style and sophistication or the little black dress of breakfast at Tiffany. Because it showcases the power of dressing
Next time when you get ready try spending a little extra time before the mirror.
And witness the change that follows .
Happy dressing.