Aparajita Apra: We are country that’s young. We are the nation that is born of passion. But lest to say that the Indian parents need to curb their pressurizing attitude as we are loosing thousands of youths .  The marked compulsion and over expectations  is so crushing that the youths find no escape. 
Sometimes the pressure is so excruciating and intense, they end up taking their lives.
Somehow  there is a need to foster friendliness and  open minded interaction between parents and kids. The social media and virtual world has  been a driving force in creating validation in the minds of people. 
Another ridiculous approach of comparison is downright degrading and makes the tiny tots feel uncomfortable as well as unworthy. This can act as a poison on a long term basis. 
Following are some reasons that can be deemed as teenage suicides or suicide attempts among the youngsters 
Not everyone is born with the same level of intellect and scholarly attributes. 
When parents force their kids to over exceed themselves ,they either encounter mental break down or  become depressed. 
Indian parents always lay emphasis on what went wrong with their kids instead of what all they have manage to achieve or done right. 
The Indian education system can never get enough of grueling over the top length syllabus and examination schedules. Sadly this results in producing unemployable educated youths who just memorize and mug up enough to get the degree with a zero application. 
The Indian education system does not provide anytime or facility for students to get recreation or  any leisure time. Which is why there is no balance of work or play which is what makes jack a dull boy. The very same thing  is also encouraged by the parents. Double the pressure ,double the pain . 
When it comes to education and career our society has not been  able to break the norm of engineering and medical being the only prestigious vocations . 
They remain oblivious to the fact that the world is a bigger playground and engineering is not the only fish in the sea. 
Our youths are so fragile in the heart and mind , they cant deal with harsh realities of life. They like to view the world with a rose colored glasses.  Neglecting the real world and staying with the virtual one . 
As a result they find themselves unable to cope up with life and outside world , thinking suicide to be their last resort. 
Poetry by Aparajita apra
You think my art has no say
Because it doesn’t get the bills to pay 
 Someday you gonna  realize
 Life is more than a compromise
The desk job i so much pity
Working as subordinate sounds shitty
Practicing singing or jamming with my guitar
 Dear parents you think it wont take me any far
Just because someone’s kid is in IIT 
Or there is a score card of degree 
 You want my dreams to get broken 
Just because my passion  seems stolen
Taken this as a love and a token
 The words that remained unspoken 
Because you think i was no good
Cause i was so good 
A rebel that’s misunderstood
Its important that we stop putting pressure on youths and mind our attitudes . To raise a world where we can thrive,not just barely survive.