Aparajita Apra: 

Isn’t it quite fascinating to know that
“Our country India has been known for its spices across the globe” since time immemorial.
In fact the spices were one of the reason why the east India company decided to fly to India in the first place.
It will be very true to its nature if we call cinnamon a magic stick.
  It comes from the Cinnamon verum tree.  This magic stick ( cinnamon) has been ranked no 7 of all the food, herbs and spice universally.  It is used in such a variety of ways and means , its bound to shock you.
 Get set to know about this miracle spice here and now .
1. Loads in antioxidants
Cinnamon contains ample amount of anti oxidants. It is an extremely helpful compound when you want that baby face intact and turn heads even at 40s . Because it fights the ageing process .There have been studies which shows the anti oxidants  curbs stress and also prevents fat per-oxidation . Which in the long run decrease the chronic heart disease and brain disorders.
2. Suggestion for relieving inflammation
 Cinnamon has  antibacterial  and anti inflammatory properties which finds application in reducing muscle soreness  and swelling.
Surprisingly it is even considered to reduce the terrible menstrual cramps.
 It therefore improves the inflammatory levels throughout the body .
3. Lowers blood sugar and  gives healthy heart
Diabetes is one major
concern for  us in today’s world.  Just a teaspoon of cinnamon can actually improve your blood sugar drastically. It can lower the blood sugar and improve the sensitivity towards insulin.
The result?
Well a better heart and a lesser sugar level.
4. Weight loss
Replacing sugar with cinnamon  can actually make the scales tip in your favor .
Cinnamon has been seen to help in controlling and reducing your weight.
That 26 waist jeans isn’t so difficult to wear any more .
Just replace the sugar with cinnamon  and trim yourself  skinny.
5. Cut the pimple its this simple
Next time you have acne woes try having cinnamon with lime juice and water .Just see where those pimple goes. Cinnamon has been very effective in reducing acne , it treats the rashes and pimples by eliminating toxins and cleansing your body from within .
The side effect?
A clear skin
From within
No wonder we call it a magic stick.
Look no further your kitchen will thank you for adding cinnamon as staple and your body too.
Drink it , paste it or just blend
Make cinnamon your best friend