Aparajita Apra: 

You know that fuzzy warm feeling when you fall in love. The butterflies in stomach , the secret grin thinking about your significant other.
But what happens when it all comes off the rails?  When you feel like nothing is the same.
That little void as if something is missing.
There are no surprise holding hands and kissing.
Let me enlighten you well its nothing more than falling out of love.  It simply implies you are not in love anymore
 Here are certain cues you can take just to make sure if you have already got bored.
With the passing time the call frequency may drop. But has your calls decreased from 10 times to going on without talking for 2 days?
Has that yearning stopped to share things ?
When  the interaction between two people declines its a sure shot sign something needs to be fixed
 Or perhaps you are not in love anymore.
When two people are in love they can’t get enough of each other,
 In and out of the bedroom. However when the intimacy and the very head shaking orgasm becomes a once upon a time thing. It may mean your attraction towards your partner isn’t there .
   If you always find an excuse to turn off the lights instead of a passionate make out session. Its a serious trouble and may cause the bonding to fade. Remember sexy couples are happy couples.
Does your blood use to boil at the thought of seeing your girl talking to a guy friend or hitting likes on someone else?
That was a good thing . It showed you cared and didn’t want to loose her.
When you aren’t bothered about your girl going out with bunch of guys.
Maybe your love for her has gone .
Remember that time when you both use to check on each other’s
schedule and sneak a little extra time for lunch ?
Now its pretty much you on your own and any sign of togetherness makes you cringe.
Because you are cherishing your freedom now and won’t mind going solo.
Yes the signal is clear you have fallen out of love.
So your girl wants to try out a keto diet and hit  the gym to get in killer shape while you are happy with your beer belly scoffing fries.
When the goals and interest of each other falls in a complete contrast.
Out of the blue when you start noticing the signs of differences more than similarities .
Maybe the love between you both has gone.
There are many times where we stay in denial. Trying  to ignore the obvious .Nothing comes with a guarantee card , not even love.
Feelings change , people change. Sometimes you just fall out of love.
And its Ok to show it
If they don’t know it.