Aparajita Apra: 

Media is more powerful than ever today.  Although its importance had never been less , today its all time high.
 That’s why there is a very old saying which goes clearly -” Everybody wants to be friend of media”. Because what they write sells . This is our general mindset. However , everything is not  like it shows.
Ever since the media has started on focusing their marketability. The media has been nothing short of a marketable product which can be purchased. Provided you keep them confidential like the skeletons inside the closet.
Strange isn’t it? Well ,  media has dipped its hands to get the juiciest news to spark the masses interest . To fulfill this they have just fallen off the graces.
      Lets understand this in more precise manner to satiate our cat like curiosity
Gone are the days when media meant news and news channels meant credibility.   Welcome to the new make believe world where stories are created, incidents are framed and news are fabricated.
Because if it ain’t gonna pay , it ain’t gonna stay. In short it implies a news which has no readability or viewership is  non sustainable and non existent.
Next time when you hear the exaggerated new think twice before believing it.
When media is paid exorbitant sum of money just to highlight big  organisation and social as well as political elites , they sign agreements of non disclosure.
In a way its a win win situation for both because the media gets the news and the dealer gets the coverage and fame . Everything is kept under the table to benefit both the parties.
Who said media person  can’t make money ?
It may sound ridiculous but many media sectors have carved an entire career out of pushing agendas, meaning they try to dominate people’s mind to accept a certain hierarchical stereotype  and impose these in ways a commoner cant deduce. After all media is smart.
 If you haven’t understood yet just try to get hold of the link between digital India  and Jio promotion .
Another way in which media turn into a marketable product is the  brilliant controversial upheavals which helps to keep the elites in limelight.
The authenticity or genuineness isn’t a thing of consideration anymore as long as revenues are generated and  entertainment is celebrated.
Now you know why your newspaper has a front page huge commercial of Amazon  which has nothing to serve.
Its all about the revenue generation through advertisement.
There have been many mysterious disappearance of many niche journalists who were exceptional in their tasks and duties. It may have pushed wrong buttons for the elites and resulted in huge reputation distortion . Therefore the organisation takes the reign in there hands and the result is a media blackout where nobody going against the grain leaves empty handed.
 They see the worst scenarios ranging from unemployment to death threatening etc.
  Sad but true .
Therefore I cant be that sure in today’s situation if media is a watchdog or a puppet who gives paid news to act as a marketable product.
May the real media and journalism again rise to picture till then don’t turn blind eyed to the obvious.