Aparajita Apra: 

 Have you really come across people who are geniuses in their own right but really mess it up big time when the routine part occurs?
They may be having the greatest   ideas in their minds but the chances of its completion  may be totally bleak .
Here are certain tricks to know that you aren’t simply born for a 9 to 5 gamut .
Are you the kind of person who love spontaneity and too much planning makes you exhausted?
 Congratulations you are in the itchy feet zone . The desire to try out new things , experience variety and living on the edge  all comes as a part and parcel of it. If you have been unable to  stay  in  one place , with one career or one relationship.
Understand that being stuck in a   9 to 5 can be  hell for you.
Read the read flags and be the best you can . Go for that trip or try out that new restaurant.
Because that’s what you are born with naturally.
Has clashes with authority been your trademark ? Do you find it extremely difficult to work under somebody no matter how bountiful the perks are.
Then please realize that you like to be your own boss and can be the most productive person on earth if you work for yourself and not others because honey ain’t nobody can boss you , get it point blank .
Well your  family might have been  into service oriented jobs or produced an entire bunch  engineers and doctors for 4 generations. But what about you?
Well you aren’t  interested in following the path that’s been laid.
You want to do something which satisfies your wanderlust and gives meaning to life.
It may be as simple as being a teacher while your dad’s a great business magnet or vice versa.
So just face it a 9 to 5 isn’t your cup of tea, you want wings for your imaginations and  enough room to be free.
So there is this exclusive family lunch or friends night out .  Everybody has ordered some biryani or and Indian cuisine but you want to have that arabita pasta and some  red wine.
Its not about showing off,  its about having the power to choose for yourself .  You will be happier trying out what you like rather than pretending  what you  don’t like . At least you would  like to get the taste  of it.
There are so many people who would stay stuck  in situations  just to remain in their comfort zones. Because they lack courage to create a life that they want.
But if you aren’t bugged by security and stability to stay in a worn out situation that isn’t making you move forward then its a sure shot indication that a 9 to 5 humdrum isn’t your thing.
 Don’t force your self and resist your natural instinct just  to fit in when you are born to stand out .
Every person cannot be in desk job just imagine of Oprah would be an accountant had she ever been able to create history?
And when you follow your gut instinct you never know how far you can go till you start walking the path you meant for going in this life time. Love your dreams and live your dreams.
If you know you are right it will be reality
Because not everyone is suited for factuality
Some people can create a world of their own
To explore the place that’s  never known
Creativity may be complex or simply effortless
Don’t curse yourself for not being like rest
You are born for something else
Creating legacy when the time will tell.