Aparajita Apra: 

Today’s generation doesn’t believes in slavery, It believes in bravery.  Youths are ready to grind themselves but not let go of their passions. They are ready to land in hot waters but doesn’t give in to the imposed compulsions. Never before this had there been such a desire to  work for oneself.
Yes this is the present thing trending.  Our youth are much more experimental and prepared to expand their horizons.
There is a feeling of fearlessness and conviction in their potential. Somewhere the spirit to rebel has been so raging . Its almost as impactful as earthquake.
Today no work is big or small . Its not about paychecks anymore , entering the era of modern culture . The youths want more liberty and room for their passion. Its a multi-dimensional world presently. One skill is not enough and one goal is not satisfactory. Especially when there is independent approach and freelancing involved.
    The job culture is diminishing in thin air. In a way which is very good.
There is no lack of information and people are mostly self taught.
They can take risks but cannot take orders. They can work hard but not restrained.
It’s a generation that is growing up on technology and communication . With a love affair with every single gadget.
They are ready to learn from their own mistakes. But being bossed around?
Not sure about that . Merely working isn’t going to fuel their immense inquisitive and invigorating mind. Having a creative satisfaction is the key they all wish to master.
Not being under the monotony of routine with the fixed hours and days. They want to plunge deep into the world of unpredictability and challenges.
Free lancers are quite common nowadays. It doesn’t matter what vocation they choose . Its no longer about forming a hierarchy or following them. Its about creating a path that’s their own .
So yes the Indian youth is all about talent enhancing and free lancing.
So you have fixed my time and pay check too?
Sorry I’m not interested to work for you
I can’t stand sitting job
Stay frustrated and sob
My work is my passion
I have outdoor attraction
I choose the life for me
And be what I want to be
I only work for myself and to my taste
I’m a free lancer and I don’t have time to waste.