Aparajita Apra: 

In a world where everyone wants to focus on themselves , being heard is almost like a priceless thing to others. Being people person is one of the most successful trait you can count on .
Trust me if you can be people person , you will be succeeding on all levels.
A people person is someone who can easily interact with others and engage in conversations with anyone.
When you are a people person you know how to break the ice.
Whether its a stranger in a party or meeting a new client.
Your natural ease with people will serve you in removing any kind of social awkwardness . It will help the other person to come out of their shells too.
There are some people that can make friends with just about anyone . Inspiring people from all walks of life . Building a connection which goes a long way without even trying too hard.
As a result the ever-increasing  friend circle not just in social media but in real life. How good it feels.
When a person feels unable to interact with others due to its inherent introverted nature , they feel suppressed.
Its like they have a talent but they fail to show it or present it.
 So you actually cannot know how talented a person is until you see it.
A people person will have  it easy when it comes to showing their talents as they are so accustomed in dealing with people.
All of it becomes a cakewalk and hence the recognition comes on its own.
Its a mandate to sharpen your people skill especially if one is into self employment or creative pursuits.
Remember what shows , is what sells.
When you establish or have a talent to establish rapport with people you can be convincing without imposing.
Any forced conversation can be understood from  miles away . When people feels the need to be around you because you are such a people person. You can see the tables turn . Without being assertive you can put forward your ideas and because you are so genuine . People will actually listen to what you  say.
They wont be in any sort of dilemma as in whether to believe you or not . In some case whether to consider this or not.
But if your people skill is on point you can convince people without coming too strong. That way you are persuasive without being abrasive.
With the whole world moving in the light of communication . Being devoid of people skill can turn into huge roadblock therefore its a skill we all need to master so we achieve  success faster.