Aparajita Apra: 

We are always fascinated with things or traits we ourselves lack. That’s a human psychology. Even when we look for a mate we are subconsciously drawn to  the characteristics we lack within us.
How many times have you seen that a beautiful dumb girl goes for marrying a brainy nerd. Its not just finances or a fat bank balance. Its the search for qualities which is missing from her life.
Often times when we look at successful relationship we will mostly find that they are distinctive yet complementary to each other.
Now we know why we have that odd pair that looks so happy together.
Because our brain is one complex anatomy , it looks for symmetry and balance in all aspects of life. Therefore we want to be in presence of things which we cannot  have access to.
For all those tough looking masculine brawn a dainty female would capture their hearts the  very first time .
Because she looks so different from him and this variation causes him to  become more incline towards her as well.
Our heart also plays role in determining our potential mate .  We develop liking for things that we find diverse and unique.
It makes us excited and interested at the same time and each one of us wants to be surprised . Its a basic human need. So when we find someone completely different from us , we want to explore that person more on subconscious level which is what gives rise to the sexual and intellectual attraction .
Another key factor which we seek is the similarity between our opposite gender guardian.
In other words a guy instantly gets drawn to a girl who somewhat resembles her mother in appearance or behavior . A girl also find a guy who is like her father extremely appealing and attractive.
That being said  its the genetical makeup which also  governs as to what we like in a partner to some extend .
When we come across a person who is gifted in things we are challenged in , it forms a connection . We look for ways to get close to that person . One of the reason behind it could be the assurity of having a problem solver around and getting a support system.
This is why an artist needs an accountant and an engineer needs a painter. It brings a little twist in both the people’s life.
They explore different things together and also learn from each other.
 When you find your yin to yang , the feminine energy to your masculine energy you get the feeling of being complete as being whole.
  A strong  aggressive male will always want a sensitive , nurturing female around.  Whereas a docile , caring female will look for a logical and stable provider as her mate.
Because they know what one lacks the other person fulfills it and together they become complete as a whole and live life that is fulfilling and satisfying.
As the absence of one  quality is filled by another.
You cannot be with your clone . Just imagine how boring will it get.
One is messy , the other so immaculate
 One is homebody , the other needs  any reason to celebrate
A tech savvy with a creative novice
Opposites together truly exists
Its this difference that makes us special
And balancing  together the spiritual and material.