Aparajita Apra: 

Eating healthy is a form if self respect . When we eat nutritious and healthy we treat our mind and body with respect it deserves.
And   eating the mean green is often a key to stay lean . With the organic products in such a vogue today , we should be rest assured the significance of having your greens.
Lets explore the magic bullets of the mean greens
1.  Stronger body , better immunity
The green leafy vegetables helps our body to absorb the amino acids and proteins.
The more green we consume the stronger our body gets. As the greens contain lot of minerals and vitamins strengthening the bones and muscles. Heling in muscle  repairing and recovery.
Now Popeye the sailor spinach trick isn’t all that cock bull story I suppose
2. Get that glow, let the ageing slow
The green vegetables are prove to be rich in vitamin, minerals and phytochemicals( the element which keeps you young looking). It does wonders for your skin , hair and body . Giving you a perfect beauty on duty look .
Increasing collagen , fighting acne and wrinkles. Now you too can reverse the age of your skin .
3. Cancer fighter
The green vegetable  also contains antioxidants and prevents the risk of cancer. It reduces the effects of pollutants on us. Fighting free radicals and giving a healthier as well as better vitality on long term basis.
If your environment is a damper for your health consider adding greens in your diet.
4. Power packed energy
You might find yourself springing in action more actively. This is because
daily consumption of green vegetable lowers cholesterol, improves vision and bones. It also eliminates toxins preventing constipation .
All this gives a greater  energy for day to day work . So forget the energy dips and lethargy , just feel the energy.
5. Weight loss
Did someone say weight loss goals?
Well the mean green keeps you feeling full for much longer duration .
Enhancing your nutrient absorption contributing towards faster metabolism and fat burning.
So if you are planing to drop a dress size go for these veggies and get back into your narrow fits and skinnies.
Now that you know all this I bet you won’t be cringing at the sight of green salad and zucchinis as the benefits are plenty and can be enjoyed even post seventy.
So go green , go clean .