Aparajita Apra: 

The modern era has revived the glorious past of a country and a nation which has been a testimony of greatness. The nation that saw its wonders ,amazed the world with its creation , innovation and manifestation. Which taught others the way to live .
A nation that has shown people the equanimity of attaining equilibrium .
Welcome to the akhand bharat or the undivided (united) India.
The nation which is becoming a yardstick for the globe to follow worldwide. Our country is finally coming into limelight for all its brilliance and miraculous achievements.
There have been some pioneers who have changed the definition of beaten track all way round. These are the architect of current India.
1.      Ramkrishna Yadav aka   Baba Ramdev
The man who started the movement of recreating and reviving the ancient practices . The long lost gift of vitality and connection of mind, body and soul by the means of yoga. The man who brought to life the age old   yogic rituals in the modern world. He raised awareness among present generation and popularized “yoga” to such an extend that it was on the world map and in India.
Known for healing people and changing their lives. A guru that became a trailblazer in the world of health . His approach made him the unforgettable and the man behind reincarnating the dying concept of yoga to full throttle. His patanjali products have gained recognition and acceptance worldwide.  Competing with the market products and standing shoulder to shoulder on the global forum.
2. Jagadish Vasudev aka  Sadhguru
Another pioneer in the world of spirituality and mysticism who has become a  household name .A man who acknowledged the fervor and the exuberance of youth. The man who pushed and channelized the unlimited potential of young minds. A social  campaign that shook the nation and created such a surge of change that the whole  world collaborated to address the issues of poverty,  mental anxiety, environment, water management , woman empowerment , social dogmas etc. The man who found “Kriya Isha yoga foundation”. The inner engineering and enlightened the nation about spirituality, liberation and rationality. His practicality and vision for future makes him truly exceptional. His ideologies have shaped a positive frame of mind among budding amateurs and even elderly people. His is a universal impact and we are blessed to have such an inspirational modern mystic guru who is showing us the right direction leading to a blissful existence.
3. Sri sri aka Ravi Shankar
The founder of art of living foundation .The healer who has transformed lives.The bridge between material amd spiritual world. His organization have helped people from different walks of life. Not a shamam but a true healer that has taught mankind to be more humane and content. The greatest force of the world is love and sri sri is the man who is spreading the message of love, humanity , peace and harmony.
If this is not a blessing I cant imagine what more do we require. The architect of modern India or akhand bharat is implementing the rich holistic idealism in the present world. To not follow a religion but to instill spirituality, to grow as a nation and reach to the zenith of its true potential . This is akhand bharat and we all are the extension  of this .