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Eat to live don’t live to eat.

 Aparajita Apra:  When fitness is your goal then make sure you are eating right. In other words don’t  treat your stomach as a garbage can. Its not only   what to eat but also when to eat . Following are some tips and tricks to win the battle with food. 1. DON’T TRIP THE SIP Never...

Akhand bharat – The undivided( united).

  Aparajita Apra:  The modern era has revived the glorious past of a country and a nation which has been a testimony of greatness. The nation that saw its wonders ,amazed the world with its creation , innovation and manifestation. Which taught others the way to live . A nation that has shown people the...

Why it’s har har modi and ghar ghar modi.

 Aparajita Apra:  A man who has shaken the status quo, who has become a legend . He has conquered the impossible. Yes I am talking about our beloved the rock star prime minister Mr Narendra Damodar Modi . The man with so much energy and drive. Has the ability to create waves and terror all...


 Aparajita Apra:  Now  how many of us are there who break sweat at the thought of interview.  The whole process is perceived to be   haunting and scary. Well there is no secret weapon to ace the base or maybe there is . Let us venture the world of  interview a bit . Here are some...


 Aparajita Apra:  Eating healthy is a form if self respect . When we eat nutritious and healthy we treat our mind and body with respect it deserves. And   eating the mean green is often a key to stay lean . With the organic products in such a vogue today , we should be rest assured...

Brigitte Bardot : THE STYLE ICON.

 By Aparajita Apra:  The unbashed sexuality, the gorgeous blonde tresses if locks falling carelessly over the shoulders . The sex kitten  bombshell Briggite Bardot still . Her neat hourglass physique , long legs was truly adored. Being professional trained ballet dancer and later on raising her career graph as a singer,dancer ,actress and model. She...


 Aparajita Apra:  In a world where everyone wants to focus on themselves , being heard is almost like a priceless thing to others. Being people person is one of the most successful trait you can count on . Trust me if you can be people person , you will be succeeding on all levels. A...


 Aparajita Apra:  We are always fascinated with things or traits we ourselves lack. That’s a human psychology. Even when we look for a mate we are subconsciously drawn to  the characteristics we lack within us. How many times have you seen that a beautiful dumb girl goes for marrying a brainy nerd. Its not just...

Talent enhancing, the Indian youth is all about free lancing.

 Aparajita Apra:  Today’s generation doesn’t believes in slavery, It believes in bravery.  Youths are ready to grind themselves but not let go of their passions. They are ready to land in hot waters but doesn’t give in to the imposed compulsions. Never before this had there been such a desire to  work for oneself. Yes...

ALPHA WOMAN ,ruthless or goddess?

 Aparajita Apra:  So you met this girl at a bar . She was this ice queen , prudish, no non -sense  lass paying for her own drink . Her partially formal  smile hit you so hard , her charm as impressive as her polished linguistics. Let me break it down for you , honey you...

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