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MICHAEL JACKSON – the enigmatic genius.

Aparajita Apra: A master of creativity , a walking magnificence. A gifted artist , a powerhouse of talent. The greatest legend and artist of all times  “Michael Jackson” . The man who only wanted to give love and spread joy through his art and performances. A perfectionist and a genius in his own right. He...

Sweat profound and fly off the ground.

  Aparajita apra. We all will agree with the fact there is a child inside  us. We  all are a kid at heart. What better way to unleash your inner child than defying the gravity and breaking a sweat? One of its kind the bungee workout is a workout that is a fun resistance training. It...


 Aparajita Apra:  We are all driven by some or the other things in life.         As we all know the devil was also once an angel . There is no denying the fact , we are good and bad in equal parts.   When we are overpowered by the evil inside, we...


 Aparajita Apra:  Women come in all shape and sizes. To know how to look your best its crucial to know what body type you have. As the late fashionista  Coco Chanel once quoted -” Dress shabbily and they remember the clothes. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman”. To lessen your dressing woes and up...

The power of conviction.

Aparajita Apra:  When  you  strongly believe in something  no matter how big or small, It impacts people.   You cannot expect somebody to believe you , if you yourself don’t.  You can only lend happiness to people if you feel the happiness within. A bottled up person , who is emotionally unavailable cannot connect to...

Be street smart ,not just educated.

 Aparajita Apra:  Education is not just about  books and  examinations,  its about having the  intellect. Its about  being street smart  and using common sense. People are so engrossed     with their theoretical  thesis that they forget the basic idea of survival. They are far more dependent on the written conceptualization, they escape the basis of...


 Aparajita Apra:  Its always seen as an advantage which is complemented in both ways.  When a boss makes sexual advances in return for the extra incentives the employee readily agrees.   It is a win win situation for both. She never speaks and he never stops. However the times are changing the unacceptable is no...


  Aparajita Apra: Defying the rules , opposing the authority figures and breaking the norms that’s the life of a rebel.Actually its hard to respond to these misfits .At times we feel like thanking them .For being able to take a new path,not opting the beaten path. At times we want to slit their wrists ,...


 Aparajita Apra:  The plethora of culture that graces our artistic and aesthetic glory is unparalleled.  On the onset of durga puja almost entire city is lost in the euphoria of maa durga arrival. The  crowded streets to the colorful decorations everything screams of the richness of our heritage and its beauty. The epic journey of...


 Aparajita Apra: The best way to receive a compliment is to give one. Its human nature to feel receptive and  motivated upon being appreciated. Since time immemorial humans have been blessed with the ability to communicate with each other. To express themselves in the way they want to. Communication is a powerful tool in establishing our...

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